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Welcome to the

Abbey United Church of Christ

6th and Church Street                    Huntingdon, PA 16652

(814) 643-1340

Choir               Wednesdays at 6:00 pm (Will begin again in August)

If you enjoy singing … come.

Men’s Social Group       We try to meet once a month.

We here at the Abbey want to make each and every person feel a part of the group.  This is the rational for beginning the idea of small groups.  We (in this case, your Head of Christian Education, Sam Slicker) are looking for leaders (organizers) and participants.

The following is a list of possible fellowship (small group) gatherings that we can use.  This list is not exhaustive.  There are some great activities that are not on this list.  It is meant to serve as an idea starter for us so we can come up with our own activities and plans for implementing them.  Find something that is your passion, and see if others want to participate.  The key is that we do it together.  

The Small Groups can meet one or a multiple times.  They can be done weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or just once.

1. Progressive Dinner                                                            8. Fantasy Football, Baseball or Basketball

2. Go to a Curve or Spikes baseball game                               9. Financial Advice

3. Horseshoe Pitching                                                          10. Card Playing (Euchre, Hearts, 500 or Bridge)

4. Learn Spanish                                                                 11. Play Frisbee golf

5. Go canoeing or rafting                                                     12. Go for a bike ride or hiking

6. Go bowling                                                                      13. Have a scavenger hunt

7. Go Christmas caroling (Not now but nearer the Season.)    14. Bible Study

Please Check Out the note below about small groups.